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Re: [Xen-users] Ether bonding with Xen

> How is ether bonding handled with Xen?

Basically do what you'd do under normal Linux and it should work OK.

> Is it possible to use bonding inside a xen virtual server by bonding dom0s
> eth0 and eth1 or should a domU connect to dom0s "bond0" (eth0-eth1)?

If you set up bonding in dom0 and arrange to attach bond0 to the bridge then 
it should Just Work (likewise for routed setups).  You may need to edit a few 
of the networking scripts / configuration files under /etc/xen to make it all 

> Is there any xen configuration examples using bonding somewhere?

Not that I know of - you get to be our pioneer :-) (feel free to post a HOWTO 
to the Wiki)


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