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[Xen-users] xen testing ( & physdev_access problem


I can't start a domain with my own built xenU kernel when I enable
I build the kernels on a Debian sarge with make-kpkg. When I build a
"normal" guest kernel, it boots and the domain starts up. When I enable
physdev_access, nothing happen after an xm create testvm -c (console
starts up, and stops after a while without any output on it). No error
message, simply nothing.

I enable physdev_access via menuconfig (make ARCH=xen menuconfig), and
disable net and blk backend, as I wantto use the domain0 as net & blk
backend, and I leave enabled the frontends (and CONFIG_DUMMY_CONSOLE=y).
PCI support is enabled also.
I've started with a default config from arch/xen/configs/xenU_defconfig.

What's wrong with it? What am I missed?

I've attached the .config I've used.


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