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RE: [Xen-users] Problem with Dell Poweredge 1850

>       I seem to be experiencing the same problem that Michal 
> Urbanski talked about in an email dated March 24th with a 
> subject of "hanging dell hardware". Looking through the 
> archives I can not find any resolution to the problem. The 
> specs on my machine are
> Dell Poweredge 1850
> Dual Xeon 2.8s
> 1gig ram
> PERC 4e/SI raid controller in mirror configuration with 2 73 
> gb drives (uses the megaraid_mm/megaraid_mbox modules)

Have other people had more success with this PERC 4e/SI card? I know
that the basic 1850 works fine under Xen.
> Any time the system is placed under high IO ( for example 
> untar/bz2ing a tarball to create the fs for a xenU partiton) 
> the machine hangs. There are no kernel messages. The console 
> becomes completely unresponsive (pressing Caps lock does not 
> change the status of the caps lock light) I can't use the 
> magic sysreq key. I've tried adding "watchdog" to the end of 
> the grub line that loads xen.gz. That didn't change anything. 
> I've also tried disabling hyperthreading with no success. I'm 
> using xen 2.0.5 with a 2.6.10 xen0 kernel. My raid controller 
> bios is already at version 516a (the newest I can find on the 
> dell site.) Does anyone have any more suggestions for me.

Get a serial line on the machine, and boot a debug=y build of Xen with
'watchdog com1=115200,8n1' on the Xen command line.

If you hit ctrl-a 3 times, and then 'h' you should get a help message.
See if you still get this when the machine is in the wedged state.


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