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Re: [Xen-users] Problem with Dell Poweredge 1850

> > If the guest does respond, please look up the EIP. The other thing you
> > could do would be to compile Xen with perf counters and see if the
> > number of interrupts is still going up.
> Should I do this even if the guest doesn't respond ?

Might be interesting to see what the perf counters say and where EIP is.

> > Also, please can you have a go using the latest unstable version of Xen.
> > It's possible that the new ACPI code might make a difference.
> Can I use my existing dom0 kernel (2.6.10), or should I compile one
> based on the patch in xen-unstable ?

You'll need to recompile with the 2.6.11 sparse tree in the unstable tree.  
The ACPI changes Ian mentioned (which *might* help you) result in a fairly 
crucial change in the Xen <->dom0 API.


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