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Re: [Xen-users] Problem with Dell Poweredge 1850


Ian Pratt wrote:
OK, that's interesting. It means Xen is still happy, it's just the dom0
that's having problems. What do you see if you hit the 'q' key? Does the
guest respond, or just Xen?
Only xen responds
If the guest does respond, please look up the EIP. The other thing you
could do would be to compile Xen with perf counters and see if the
number of interrupts is still going up.
Should I do this even if the guest doesn't respond ?

Also, please can you have a go using the latest unstable version of Xen.
It's possible that the new ACPI code might make a difference.
Can I use my existing dom0 kernel (2.6.10), or should I compile one based on the patch in xen-unstable ?


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