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Re: [Xen-users] Xen/Pizzbox Server Testimonial Request

> At the company where I presently work, we are looking at getting new
> 1U (pizza-box) servers, which would be dual-processor affairs that we
> want to run Xen on (with one domU pinned to each CPU).  They'd be of
> typical server stats... fairly high-end processors, a decent amount of
> RAM, and so forth.
> Up until a week ago, the fore-runner was Dell, with their PowerEdge
> line of Xeon-based servers.  However, in the past week/two-weeks I
> have seen a fair number of complaints about Dell/making them work with
> Xen, and so forth.  Now, I am sure there are workarounds, and ways to
> make things work, and so on... but we haven't purchased (or committed
> to purchase) anything yet, and ideally I would like for what we do
> purchase to work as easily and stably as possible.
> So, I thought I would ask: what are people "out there" running
> Xen/Linux on?  What is the easiest 1U server (dual-processor, 1-2GB of
> RAM, etc.) that you can think of to get Xen/Linux to run (and run
> _well_) on, with a minimum of playing with this module/upgrading that
> program or library, and so forth.
> If it matters, we run Debian in-house, so we'll be setting these boxes
> up with Debian Sarge.
> Note that we aren't necessarily looking for Intel processors... if
> there are some good AMD servers out there that work exceptionally well
> with Xen/Linux, then we'd be happy to consider them.
> Thanks for whatever insights and/or suggestions you can offer on this.
> -- Remi Broemeling

We run a mix of dell 1750's and ASA Computers Supermicro boxes for our
QA lab, we like the ASA systems because the stock xen kernel works with
them and they have 6 memory slots and 4 SCA drive bays, my definite
preference over the Dells- here's the barebones system link on their

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