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Re: [Xen-users] Xen/Pizzbox Server Testimonial Request

> So, I thought I would ask: what are people "out there" running
> Xen/Linux on?  What is the easiest 1U server (dual-processor, 1-2GB of
> RAM, etc.) that you can think of to get Xen/Linux to run (and run
> _well_) on, with a minimum of playing with this module/upgrading that
> program or library, and so forth.
> If it matters, we run Debian in-house, so we'll be setting these boxes

We run Xen on Debian Sarge on a Supermicro Dual 3.06 64 bit and 4 GB RAM, 
though not using 64 bit yet which is mainly because of Xen but also because 
of the scsi-driver that isn't 64 bit clean for the scsi-onboard-controller 
which is bad luck! I don't understand why the reseller sell a combination of 
64 bit hardware which isn't working with the scsi-controller on linux.

Anyway the Supermicro with Xen runs a fairly big website with about 30-60K 
unique visitors each month on a filebacked domU with 1 GB RAM.
Surveilance checks every 5 minutes for a responsetime from three different 
physical locations and triggers an alarm if it goes above 5000 ms. It has run 
almost for a month and no alarms :) And a weekly newsletter to about 20K 
subscribers is also sent from this domU.

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards
Lars E. D. Jensen - DCmedia
ledj@xxxxxxxxxxx - http://dcmedia.biz
PGP PUBLIC KEY: http://dcmedia.biz/fileadmin/pub/ledj.asc

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