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[Xen-users] virtual MAC address prefixes

Hi folks,

We'd like to setup a number of virtual servers as xen instances which would be able to be migrated among physical machines as needed. These servers would host services such a Grid middleware servers, condor scheduler head nodes, web servers, etc..

We would need each of these virtual servers to be available to the outside via a static IP address, and would like to assign these static IPs via DHCP, using the MAC address of the virtual servers.

So, my question is as follows: are people doing this, and if so what is the recommended MAC address prefix that is used to signify that these are Xen instances and not real physical interfaces.

Phrased another way, we'd like to map Xen instance MAC address -> a virtual server instance, and would like to know how people are doing this, and what MAC address prefix they are using.

Thanx so much,


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