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[Xen-users] unable to boot dom_0 on Debian Sid


I do have a little problem here getting Xen to run on my Debian (Sid) system. The machine runs smoothly with any other kernel, but the kernel provided by Xen (as my custom built Xen-kernel) will not boot successfully. The kernel is found and loaded by grub but in the process of booting up, i can hear three beeps from my bios and the systems hangs. The last messages I see com from reiserfsck, but it is not always the same stage of booting before the system is getting to halt.
I do not get any logfiles, so I am kind of stuck in discovering the problem.
The machine is AMD Athlon XP 1800 with 1 GB Ram, ATI 3D Rage IIc, Realtek 8139 on ASUS A7V133-C.

Anyone had this problem before?

Thanks in advance

K. Werner

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