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RE: [Xen-users] mysql & xen - is anyone using this combinationsuccessfully?

> I'm beginning to wonder whether it's safe to use mysql on xen 
> in a live environment.

We've tended to do our testing with PostgreSQL, but we obviously want
mysql to work perfectly too.

Are you just running with the glibc tls disabled? If so, its possible
that its an incompatibility with the old thread library that it falls
back to.

The best soloution is to install a 'xen friendly' glibc for your
installation. What distro are you running?

The othe ralternative is to not disable tls by mv'ing the directory out
the way, but to leave it active. You'll get some loss of performance,
but it should be executed correctly.

Another interesting datapoint would be to try the unstable.bk tree. It's
still a bit 'raw', but providing you're just using the features present
in 2.x its actually pretty stable.

If anyone has a simple recipe for deterministically provoking this issue
it would be good to know. 


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