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[Xen-users] Restricting number of nics seen by Domain 0

Is it possible to disable one of the (real) Ethernet interfaces from Xen so that Domain 0 doesn't see it? I.e. when the Domain 0 XenLinux boots up it only has eth0 although there are actually two NICs in the machine. Would it be possible to do this using the "nics=" parameter? I know this can be done for doms>0 but get the impression Domain 0 is different.

Alternatively if there is a Linux kernel parameter that can be used to disable a NIC that would also do. (I have accidentally configured two NICs with the same IP address and can't log into the (remote) machine over the network, but I can get to the grub prompt over a serial-over-lan console so hence am limited to what can be done with Xen/XenLinux kernel parameters).


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