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Re: [Xen-users] Restricting number of nics seen by Domain 0

Andrew Thompson wrote:
Stephen Childs wrote:

Alternatively if there is a Linux kernel parameter that can be used to disable a NIC that would also do. (I have accidentally configured two NICs with the same IP address and can't log into the (remote) machine over the network, but I can get to the grub prompt over a serial-over-lan console so hence am limited to what can be done with Xen/XenLinux kernel parameters).

(Tossing idea) Does single or nonetwork mode present you with a login prompt over your serial connection?

No. It's an Intel board with the BMC management interface but I have yet to get anything other than a grub prompt over it despite trying various console=ttyS? options on the XenLinux kernel command line.

You can try booting one of your domU's directly with the dom0 kernel. If you're not doing anything funky with your networking, that should allow you to ssh in and mount the other drive and fix your nic error.

Unfortunately the domU is hosted on a file rather than a partition so I don't think I can start it directly. In fact I'm not even sure I'd finished setting up the domU properly.

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