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Re: [Xen-users] Re: Problems building a xen0 kernel on Suse 9.3

Chris Epicier <seuchato@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> While playing with my xen setup I noticed the
> following: 
> Under default kernel, I could set the nics to a config
> of my taste, ie: eth-int (internal) and eth-ext
> (exzternal). Booting into xen, yast came up mentioning
> ot had found new hardware: the nics, but in reversed
> order! So I could not ping or remote ssh into the
> xenbox. I had to name the nics eth0 and eth1, other
> did not work. like this, it survives a reboot too.

Hmm, by default the nics are identified by mac address, so the module
load order shouldn't matter ...

You can also explicitly add the nic modules to INITRD_MODULES (in
/etc/sysconfig/kernel), then rerun mkinitrd.  That should make sure
the modules loaded by the initrd in the order specified, thus giving
fixed names to the interfaces.


-mm seems unusually stable at present.
        -- akpm about 2.6.12-rc3-mm3

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