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Re: [Xen-users] Re: Problems building a xen0 kernel on Suse 9.3

Dear Robbie
> Ah sorry, my fault, I gave crap advice.
never mind, it helped a lot...

> If you are not desperate to compile a customised
> kernel, it might be easier to follow Gerd's advice
> and wait for the kernel binary to appear in the
> place
> he described in the sibling thread. 
To show you how desperate I am :-) :
did a yast -i with it, booted into xen and

 uname -a
Linux julius2
cat /proc/mdstat
Personalities : [raid1]
md1 : active raid1 hdb3[1]
      54155008 blocks [2/1] [_U]

md0 : active raid1 hdb2[1]
      4192896 blocks [2/1] [_U]

(I removed the 2nd disk for the time being)

> It might be
> quicker too, it takes several hours to build a
> kernel
> with all the CONFIG options tunred on!
I'll take the chance anyway, cause I do not need a lot
of features and to get to a higher knwoledge level
too, so thanks for your instructions. I'll report back
when done/doing.

While playing with my xen setup I noticed the
Under default kernel, I could set the nics to a config
of my taste, ie: eth-int (internal) and eth-ext
(exzternal). Booting into xen, yast came up mentioning
ot had found new hardware: the nics, but in reversed
order! So I could not ping or remote ssh into the
xenbox. I had to name the nics eth0 and eth1, other
did not work. like this, it survives a reboot too.

Don't know if this is of interest at all or should go
into a new thread.

Anyway Thanks a lot


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