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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 3

> Sorry if this is an FAQ but I have just joined the ML\after reading about
> Xen in a magazine article.

Cool!  Xen seems to be getting lots of press coverage these days, which is 
nice :-)

> I run almost exclusively x86_64 hardware these days and am wondering how
> x86_64 support is coming along. The article mentions support for x86_64 in
> V3, due it says this Summer.
> Are there any developer x86_64 versions available to try yet?

The unstable tree contains initial support for x86_64 - it's still under heavy 
development, though.  I'm not sure how far along the guest support is (there 
are others on this list who follow it more closely than I) but you should at 
least be able to compile Xen and boot dom0 (admin domain).

Note that Xen 2.0 will still run on x86_64 bit in 32 bit compatibility mode 
for the time being.


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