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Re: [Xen-users] vmware inside Xen

Am Sonntag 29 Mai 2005 14:31 schrieb Steven Hand:
> > I was not able to find any information on this in the FAQ so I put the
> > question here: Is there any known problem running a vmware inside Xen?
> It's not possible, at least for now: guest systems (things which run
> on top of Xen) need to be modified.

Ok, I thought it might run if I run a modified linux. Inside this linux i run 
the vmware? But the hardware on which a vmware runs needs to be x86 which it 
is not for a Xen domain, right?
How about domain 0 then? Does it run there? Or does domain0 alo run on the Xen 

> The only ways this could work are:
>   1. VMware release a special version of their software which can
>      run on Xen; not that likely I'd guess, though obviously up to
>      them.

Ack, very unlikely, I think.

>   2. You use the new hardware features announced by Intel ("VT-x") or
>      AMD ("Pacifica") to fully virtualize VMware. This will probably
>      work just fine, but you'll need to wait until you can get your
>      hands on the new chips...

Ok, I need it soon, so this won't work.

> In the meantime, you might try using 'wine' under xenlinux, or else
> trying 'qemu'.

Wine will probably not work nicly (easily) for an IIS and .net stuff?
(_They_ need that, not me ;-) )

The qemu accelerator will not run in Xen? So this is probably quite slow?

So as a conclusion there are these options for me:
1. vmware can run in domain 0 ??? (Does this work?)
2. I install user mode linux with one vmware in the host system.
3. Install a linux with several vmware systems on it.
4. Xen with one domain running qemu (From the quemu website I read that this 
might not run well (stable) with some Windows versions?) The performance will 
be quite low, I guess.
5. Same as 4 but use bochs instead of qemu. Which is better?
Is there any other solution (I would like one with Xen in it, as i found the 
Demo CD rather cool)?
The question comes down to: What is the best (easiest, most stable, best 
performing) way to have virtual linux and windows servers on one x86 machine.

Thanks for your help,
Yours Claus

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