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Re: [Xen-users] can't seem to find linux modules

>Can someone help me out with building some linux modules?
>I pulled down xen-2.0-testing-src.tgz from the website yesterday. I 
>unzipped it and ran make world, then make install. I've rebooted and my 
>system seems ok.
>Now I'm trying to get smbmount to work.
>I ran: make ARCH=xen menuconfig and turned on the M for SMBFS and CIFS.
>Now I've tried running:
>make ARCH=xen modules
>make world
>make install

I assume you're talking about typing these at the root of the tree
(i.e the directory that contains xen/, linux-2.6.11-xen-sparse/, etc)

"make world" blows away all your kernel build trees (and hence your
modified config). It's only really an ok thing to use the first
time you build xen/xenlinux (or after a major change). 

Use "make dist" instead for normal use. One thing this will do is
copy linux-2.6.11-xen0/.config to dist/install/boot/config-
and linux-2.6.11-xenU/.config to dist/install/boot/config- 

"make world" will also do this (since it ultimately calls "make dist")
but only after blowing away your linux-2.6.11-xen{0,U} build trees and
your config etc. 

Anyway: once you've built everything at least once (either with "make 
world" for the first time or with "make dist" for the first or any 
subsequent time), then to build a 'custom' kernel do: 

# cd linux-2.6.11-xen0
# make ARCH=xen menuconfig      # or xconfig or whatever
# cd ..
# make dist

this will rebuild the relevant parts and copy everything into 
dist/install/boot/, INCLUDING the new configuration. Everything
will be fine providing you don't use "make world". 


# make install

will install the tools, xen itself, the kernels, and the modules 
you've just built (assuming your example). 

>OK, I just found this url:
>According to that page, I have to copy the twekaed kernel .config file 
>to xen-2.0-testing/dist/install/boot and then run make world. I didn't 
>see this anywhere else. Does this sound right to anyone?

Sort of: 

  - you need to copy the .config to the 'correct' name in dist/install/boot/
    (see above); this will then get copied /back/ to the brand new linux 
    build tree created by "make world"; and 

  - "make world" is overkill (i.e. the wrong thing to run); use "make
    dist" instead. 

In a nutshell: don't use "make world"; it only makes sense when tracking
bitkeeper, and even then only when the sparse trees get changed radically.
If you're using a tarball, just stick with "make dist". 

hope this helps, 



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