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[Xen-users] Understanding Network

Hello to all xen gurus and gurus to be,

first the usual disclaimer:
I am new to xen (besides 2 weeks of intense looking into it); I tried to find in depth documention to networking inside the xen system, but I fould only hints on how much more info I would need. So please bear with me if my questions are too simple and kindly point me to the right docs.

One of my test systems has 2 NICs (different chipsets). I managed to compile and run a xen0 kernel based on the debian inofficial packages. When I tested networking I found the following:
I had activated the drivers for both NICs in the kernel.
When I activated both NICs in /etc/network/interfaces, no networking at all was possible. When I activated one of the NICs in /etc/network/interfaces, then either the outside could be reached (everything outside my gateway), or the local subnet the xen0 server is placed into.
I did not succeed in getting both to work.
I had to deactivate one of the NIC's device drivers in the kernel. Thank God is was a system with two different types of NICs.

So what do I do with a system that has two IDENTICAL NICs?

And where do I find in depth documentation of networking with Xen? I have read about the bridge in standard config, but found no hint on what else could be done.
I would escpecially look for docs about
- the VLAN feature,
- filtering network traffic between the domUs,
- how to use multiple NICs.

Any help or hint is appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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