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RE: [Xen-users] Understanding memory usage

> if I want to use Xen on a machine with more than 4 GB of RAM, 
> and devide RAM into portions of less than 4 GB for dom0 and 
> each domU, do I
> - have to use kind of highmem mechanisms in the xen0 kernel or
> - have to compile the xen0 kernel as X86-64?
> Does X86-64 already work for xen0?

If you have >4GB of RAM you need to wait until 3.0 is released, or try
your luck with the unstable tree.

If you are running a 64bit distribution, just typing 'make world' should
build you a 64bit Xen and kernel.

If you want to try PAE, build on a 32bit machine with 'make
XEN_TARGET_X86_PAE=y world'


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