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Re: [Xen-users] Restarting / shutting down a xen0 server

Mark Williamson schrieb:

my main xen test system is a pizza box, simply standard.

The kernel of stable debian sarge can shut it down/restart it correctly.
My own xen kernel (based on debians inofficial xen kernel) cannot.

Restart should work, actual poweroff won't work with Xen 2.0. Don't you want to keep your Xen box up all the time? :-p
Would be boring, wouldn't it? :-)

Can you point me to the kernel option that enables restarting? If it is not necessarily connected to APM/ACPI I would like to get it working. Would keep me from driving to the colocation center every now and then ...

Is shutting down (as opposed to writing "power down" to the screen) or
restarting based on APM or ACPI and I simply have to forget it with xen
(until these features are implemented) or is there something else I can
compile into the xen kernel?

APM / ACPI poweroff aren't supported under Xen 2.0, however it should work under 3.0 with its enhanced ACPI support (it might even work now with -unstable but that's not really production ready yet).
How unstable is -unstable (*g*)? Is someone using it already permanently? How long until 3.0 (the prophetic look into the glass ball is sufficient :-) )?



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