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Re: [Xen-users] Restarting / shutting down a xen0 server

> >>my main xen test system is a pizza box, simply standard.

Btw, does this mean your CPU is a pizza... mmm I'm getting really hungry!

> >Restart should work, actual poweroff won't work with Xen 2.0.  Don't you
> > want to keep your Xen box up all the time? :-p
> Would be boring, wouldn't it? :-)

I suppose it would!  To be fair I restart mine about 50 times a day whilst 
developing :-)

> Can you point me to the kernel option that enables restarting? If it is
> not necessarily connected to APM/ACPI I would like to get it working.
> Would keep me from driving to the colocation center every now and then ...

Xen *ought* to just restart the machine whenever dom0 shuts down / crashes.  
So doing a normal reboot from dom0's PoV ought to work (at least, as long as 
you don't have "noreboot" on Xen's command line).

What does Xen say when you do this?  It usually says something like "dom0 
terminated, restarting machine".

Doing a "halt" (or equivalent) won't work, though: it'll just cause Xen to 
loop forever.  This was introduced to replace the default restart behaviour 
because people complained Xen was (I quote) "unstoppable" :-)

> >APM / ACPI poweroff aren't supported under Xen 2.0, however it should work
> >under 3.0 with its enhanced ACPI support (it might even work now with
> >-unstable but that's not really production ready yet).
> How unstable is -unstable (*g*)? Is someone using it already
> permanently? How long until 3.0 (the prophetic look into the glass ball
> is sufficient :-) )?

Right now there's quite a lot of churn still going on in the unstable tree, so 
you probably don't want to use it.  Once the feature freeze has been in place 
a few weeks, you might like to take a closer look at it.

Copying Linus, I'm going to look into a plastic ball - it's cheaper, if harder 
to see through.  A feature freeze may happen during August.  Experience 
suggests that shaking out all the gremlins after this takes a while so I 
wouldn't predict a 3.0 release before mid-October; this doesn't preclude it 
being production-stable for *most* people a little earlier.  We'll see :-)


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