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RE: [Xen-users] Has 2.4 kernel support ended on xen?

> Hmmmmm.  I've seen less rotten things in student kitchens 
> than the 2.4 tree in -unstable.  Something tells me that this 
> hasn't been built in a long while...

I spent half an hour fixing it up a couple of months back, so its not
too far out of date.
> Since I've already started playing with this I'll probably 
> fix up the 2.4 port and stick an HG tree online for people to 
> test.  I'm not volunteering to be the official maintainer, 
> just yet though ;-) so it'd be nice if we could have a build 
> daemon that tries all the ports and all the architectures and 
> screams via e-mail if something breaks the build.  Hopefully 
> that'll irritate people enough to avoid a huge build up of 
> mouldy code!

The nightly build infrastructure already does this, though I'm afraid I
disabled the email complaints about the 2.4 build being broken some
months back.


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