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Re: [Xen-users] Has 2.4 kernel support ended on xen?

> I spent half an hour fixing it up a couple of months back, so its not
> too far out of date.

There were breakages all over the place - all due to changes in the last 
couple of months, which makes sense now!  It's rather impressive just how 
quickly it's diverged and how many things broke.  Once I've ported Xenbus 
I'll hopefully be done...  It's an educational glimpse into all the recent 
changes anyhow ;-)

> > Since I've already started playing with this I'll probably
> > fix up the 2.4 port and stick an HG tree online for people to
> > test.  I'm not volunteering to be the official maintainer,
> > just yet though ;-) so it'd be nice if we could have a build
> > daemon that tries all the ports and all the architectures and
> > screams via e-mail if something breaks the build.  Hopefully
> > that'll irritate people enough to avoid a huge build up of
> > mouldy code!
> The nightly build infrastructure already does this, though I'm afraid I
> disabled the email complaints about the 2.4 build being broken some
> months back.

Can't say I entirely blame you :-)  Where do the e-mails go?  It seems like 
they could usefully go to a (separate?) list, if they're only once daily.  Of 
course if they can go on the web like the regression test results that'd also 
be cool.


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