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Re: [Xen-users] Odd behavior?

> A subsequent restart of xend stopped the double listing of the domU.
> However after this I could no longer get a console to the domU after the
> restart.  This was on xen-unstable bits downloaded / built on 8/1/05.

Sounds like the tools are a bit confused!  You might like to see if this goes 
away as the tools get "broken out" further.  After a few weeks of 3.0-testing 
if it's still there you should probably scream loudly :-)

> p.s. One last question is that I often notice that the state presented
> by "xm list" shows all blanks and was curious as to why that is.  Is it
> something broken in my environment?  My machine is running FC4, but I am
> not using the FC4 xen code, but the rather the latest (or fairly recent)
> xen-unstable tree.

If the domain has been pre-empted, it's not running 'r' (because it doesn't 
have the CPU), blocked 'b' (because it was pre-empted), paused 'p', crashed 
'c' or stopped 's', so the state fields will be blank.  It's perfectly 


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