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Re: [Xen-users] Kernel Headers for Xen Kernel

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for taking the time to go through the post. Regarding your remarks:

I´m using stable, mainly because a while ago a post came round that hiding PCI devices from dom0 isn´t working at the moment.

The manpage gives both targets (kernel_headers, kernel-headers) as valid.

Tried to toy around with the subarch - no luck.

No luck either exporting ARCH=xen.

When you start using make-kpkg, maybe the following observations might help: Installing the kernel-package that make-kpkg generated failed to update grub´s menu.lst. The kernel is also named such that it won´t be recognized by grub-update. As I don´t have physical access to the machine I´m using, I haven´t tried the new kernel yet. However I used it to boot a domU and that worked just fine.

Again, thanks for looking into it, I´d be interested to see how your make-kpkg experience turns out.

On Aug 2, 2005, at 3:32 AM, Marcus Brown wrote:

Hi Olaf,

Olaf wrote:


My apologies for posting this question on this list but I figured that
the Debian aficionados on this list might be more familiar with the
issue than the general Debian user. As for the question itself, it
most likely will attest more to my lack of knowledge than any issue
with Xen.

Ok, here we go: How do I generate the source header files for a
2.6.11 kernel patched with Xen 2.0.6?

Some background: I´m trying to compile a few special modules (ibmsmb,
for the IBM Director Agent, and zaphfc, for HFC-based ISDN cards, in
case anyone is interested) and their Makefiles assume the presence of
kernel source header files in case they are build against a 2.6
kernel. That is, some meaningful code in /lib/modules/`uname

I´m using the unstable packages kernel-source-2.6.11 and the
kernel-patch-xen to generate the source tree. I also copied the
.config from the xen0 directory created when downloading the xen 2.0.6
source distribution. Trying to build a kernel package using

make-kpkg --added patches=xen --config=menuconfig --arch=xen
--subarch=xen --revision=xenserver.0.1 kernel-image

works just fine (but I should admit that I haven´t tried that kernel)
and generates a Debian kernel package in /usr/src. However trying the
same with

make-kpkg --added patches=xen --config=menuconfig --arch=xen
--subarch=xen --revision=xenserver.0.1 kernel-image kernel_headers

still generates only the kernel-package.

Doing just a

make-kpkg kernel_headers

is successful in creating a kernel-headers package but I´m wondering
if that´s then for the right architecture.

At this point I´m well willing to do away with the luxury of Debian
packages if only I could compile the darn modules. Hence the broad
question about _any_ way to generate the header files. If there´s a
neat way to generate a Debian package, that would be to good to be
true. I should also mention that I´d appreciate any not so subtle hint
what I´m missing here.

Thanks in advance

I've been using Debian for my Xen, but I'm afraid I haven't played with
the idea of making packages yet.
The way I've been doing it is
    - download and unpack the xen branch of choice (currently using
    - install the appropriate kernel source using apt-get (ie.
Debianised kernel source)
    - copy the source file into /usr/src/xen
    - do a 'make dist'
    - cd to ./linux-2.6.xx-domU and do a 'make ARCH=xen menuconfig'
    - repeat 'make dist'
    - copy kernel/modules/... from ./dist/install/ to destination

There's probably a proper way of doing it, but this works for me. I
actually use a
number of different kernels depending on the task of the domU, so I've
the KERNEL statement in my Makefile and added extra make scripts in
for each kernel.

Once I get my new Xen-based server going (I've decided the old one is
too inefficient
with both drive space and ram, etc) I too will be looking into make-kpkg
to simplify (?)
upgrades and maintenance.

I'm not sure why your headers don't build, but perhaps you could try:
    - kernel-headers instead of kernel_headers? (stab in dark:))
    - remove the subarch stanza? (necessary?)
    - export ARCH as an environment variable before make?
    - OK, I've got no idea :)


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