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[Xen-users] Sharing filesystems between VMs.

Hi, folks --

I'm using xen 2.0.6 on a Debian Sarge host, and Linux

I use Xen to host a number of QA environments.

I'm mounting filesystems for guest vms from files on disk. Ideally, I would like to share a single 'file' between all VMs for /usr/local and another ext3 partition, and maintain individual root and swap partitions on a per-machine basis.

This doesn't seem to work presently. When I bring up the 'second' machine in the cluster, I get :

qa-host:/etc/xen/auto# xm create xm-manager
Using config file "xm-manager".
Error: Error creating domain: vbd: Segment not found: uname=file:/export/vm/vm-usrlocal

If I then shutdown the machine 'holding' this partition I can bring up the VM as normal.

qa-host:/etc/xen/auto# xm create xm-manager
Using config file "xm-manager".
Started domain VM8, console on port 9614

Is this a limitation that I can not work around ? A limitation that an upgrade or alternative method of storing the filesystem will fix ?

Ideally I'd like to avoid the situation where I physically export the partitions I want to use on guest OSes over NFS .. but I am aware that it's an option which will probably work...

Thanks for any ideas you guys may have ..


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