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Re: Spam:***, Re: [Xen-users] Kernel Headers for Xen Kernel

Hi guys,

RE: Debian, Xen, make-kpkg, initrd and

AFAIK, make-kpkg uses mkinitrd to create the initrd (makes sense?).
I have a bootable Xen dom0 with an initrd made using mkinitrd (root on LVM).
I suspect that a make-kpkg using my mkinitrd configs would
work, however I haven't tested it yet as I compile my kernels on
a separate machine.
Happy to post my configs if required.


Daniel Hulme wrote:

>>Thanks for your reply, the hint about the symlink was really helpful -
>>I got at least the driver for the IBM system management board (ibmsmb)
>>to compile and install (which was a tour de force in and of itself).
>Congratulations. Kernel modules are sent to try us.
>>btw: As your email suggests that you´re close (at least your mail 
>>server is, geographically speaking) to the developers, I can´t help to
>>ask: The roadmap says 3.0 is likely to be released in June - any news 
>>on that one?
>I'm only working on Xen as a short-term thing: the horses in the field
>have more clout with the developers than me. As to your question, I can
>confirm that Xen 3.0 is *unlikely* to be released in June or July 2005.
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