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[Xen-users] How to migrate?

Hi folks,

  I'm in the process of learning Xen and am having a spot of bother with live 
migration of a domU.  It may be just a blind spot in my (lack of) 
understanding the documentation on migration but it makes no sense to me.

  I have two machines, Rajah and Kodiak, both running Fedora Core 4 as domU 
with Fedora's xen-2-20050522 RPM installed.  Works fine.  I have a Fedora 
Core 2 domU system (Rajah1) running on Rajah in a 4 gig ext3 partition.  
Works fine.  Both machines are on the same VLAN.

  I'd like to migrate Rajah1 from Rajah to a 400 GB partition in a logical 
volume on Kodiak.  So far I've not been able to figure out how to do so.

Can someone  who actually knows how to do this please tell me what I have to 
do so that "xm migrate --live Rajah1 kodiak" actually works?


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