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[Xen-users] Re: Odd behavior?

> It might be really useful to change the display behavior to be much more
> like what is returned with 'ps' for processes, with additional Xen states.
> The 5 colums that never seem to show more than 1 at once (though it is
> possible) seems very odd from an interface perspective.

I guess so.  I don't think I've often actually *seen* more than one active and 
I'm not even sure you can have more than two.

> Possible States (using PS states when appropriate)
> R - running
> B - blocked
> P - paused
> C - crashed
> S - sleeping
> H - halted (aka stopped)
> As with ps you could have multiple state flags set (like SN), so getting
> rid of the 5 columns wouldn't limit your options.

Being closer to PS might make the tools more accessible to Unix-y people.  I'm 
personally not too bothered one way or another but if someone were to submit 
a patch (with corresponding updates to the user manual!) then I wouldn't 
object to it :-)


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