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After I sent the email to you I decided to install the libssl-dev package referred to, during which process a number of messages came up about dependencies. I cannot recall exactly what happened next but I made another attempt to install the libcurl3-dev package and it went in perfectly. The libcurl problem had vanished!

My apologies for wasting your time, and that of the mailing list. Put it down to Monday-morning syndrome.


Andreas Seuss wrote:


you did everything in the right way. A 'make world' will download the
respective kernel sources from kernel.org and unpack them into two
directories. The make file applies the necessary patches. In my case,
it's linux-2.6.11-xen0 and linux-2.6.11-xenU under ../xen-2.0/. I build
from the stable sources, but it works the same way.

David Rayner wrote:

  Hi there,

  /I've been working with the Xen binaries, but I need to support
additional devices so I'm trying to build a custom XenLinux. I thought
I would go the testing route and so I've downloaded two things.

  First, I downloaded mercurial-0-6b.tar.gz from www.selenic.com.
into /home/admin/src. After untarring it I went into the resulting
directory mercurial-0-6b. Using the provided README gave a quick
trouble-free installation. A simple hg confirmed it was working.

  Second, I downloaded xen-2.0-testing.hg.gz from xen.sf.net. After
untarring that I went into the resulting directory xen-2.0-testing.hg.
Online I did a hg pull -u, and this seemed to modify and change some
files successfully.

  At this point I feel completely puzzled. Because of the work on the
binaries I have a config file to hand - /boot/config-2.6.10-xen0, but
I cannot see where to place it if I want to use it as the basis for a
make operation.
  In the Xen Users' Manual, under the heading 2.3.3 Custom XenLinux
Builds there are four lines:
  # cd linux-2.6.9-xen0

  # make ARCH=xen xconfig
  # cd ...
  # make
  I would have thought the config file should go into the given
linux-2.6.9-xen0, but I cannot find this in my existing setup. Just
where do I put it?

  In the previous section of the Users' Manual it says that the
top-level Makefile will "download (if necessary) and unpack the Linux
2.6 source code". This suggests that if the xconfig is done that any
necessary source code will be downloaded on the second make. Is that

With the "download (if necessary) and unpack the Linux 2.6 source code"
is meant, that make will download the kernel in case it is not already
in that directory. If you called "make world" for the first time it will
download the kernel-src.

In your case I would do the following:

'make world'  #It builds xen and downloads and compiles the kernels

Then cd into the directory of the kernel you want to customize (probably

'make ARCH=xen xconfig' (or make ARCH=xen oldconfig with your existing
config file)

go back to the main xen directory and do a 'make kernels'

And then, to install the xen binaries and the kernels: 'make install'.




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