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Re: [Xen-users] testing a domU config without starting it

Effectively kind of "config lint" or an extension of the dryrun facility...  I 
like the idea but there's not really a way of doing it right now.

You should be able to do an xm dryrun (I forget the switch, sorry), which'll 
test for basic syntax errors in the config but there's no semantic means of 
checking config.

Wrt resource checking, I guess that'll be needed by the higher-level 
management APIs.  Much of the information needed (CPU assignments, free RAM, 
etc) is already available, just not plumbed into anything...


On Monday 08 August 2005 18:52, Alan Greenspan wrote:
> Is there a means to test if a domU is startable other than by attempting to
> start it?    It strikes me that for load balancing and failover, it would
> valuable to be able to submit a domU configuration and test that it is
> viable (I/O mappings exits, RAM available, CPU pin choices valid, etc)
> without actually attempting to start the domain .   In particular, for
> failover setup, it is useful to know that a machine has the resources to
> run a domain should it be called upon to do so.
> Alan

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