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Re: [Xen-users] What is Dom0?

> What does the Dom0 domain do? How is it linked in with xen, xen0 and
> xenU? Whats the least amonut of memory I can give to it?

Dom0 is the privileged domain. Only this domain is allowed to control
the other domains (start and stop them etc.), and by default, this
domain is the only one with access to the real hardware (disks, NICs).
The -xen0 kernels have the drivers for hardware, and have the necessary
Xen-specific code compiled in, so they are suitable to run as dom0 or as
an unprivileged domU. The -xenU kernels have the frontend drivers for
the paravirtualized devices compiled in, and not the drivers for the
real hardware, so they are smaller but cannot be used as the kernel for
a dom0.

As for memory, it depends on what you are running in your dom0. The
demo CD runs dom0 with X and gives it 256MB of RAM, but gives you the
option of running text-only with 128MB of RAM. If you keep it lean, with
no unnecessary services, you should be able to get the memory footprint
down from that significantly. With it running as loaded as it is likely
to be, try looking at how much memory is in use and cut the memory
allocation down to that plus whatever safety margin you feel comfortable

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