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[Xen-users] only one external ip


I am running xen 2.0 for some days now on a local network and it's running fine 
Every virtual server on my host gets it's own IP address.
But now, I am wondering if it's possible to run xen on a hosted root server 
with only one ip address.
Lets say I have a domain 'domain.org' that points to my host, on which xen is 
Is there a possibility to route subdomains to the according vserver?
v01.domain.org to vserver 1, v02.domain.org to vserver 2, and so on...? 

Does that make sense or is it absolutely nonsense? ;)

I read some stuff about arp bridging ... does that could help?

An alternative might to forward ports like 2201 to 22 on vserver 1 and 2202 to 
22 on vserver 2 .... 
That would work, i guess, but is not a good solution.

any suggestions?!

Nico Leidecker
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