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Re: [Xen-users] only one external ip

Hi all, I'm new here so first of all... my greetings to all the list for
this knoweldgebase. And for excuse my english (i'm from spain)

El jue, 11-08-2005 a las 13:56 +0200, Nico Leidecker escribió:
> Hi,
> I am running xen 2.0 for some days now on a local network and it's running 
> fine :)
> Every virtual server on my host gets it's own IP address.
> But now, I am wondering if it's possible to run xen on a hosted root server 
> with only one ip address.
> Lets say I have a domain 'domain.org' that points to my host, on which xen is 
> running.
> Is there a possibility to route subdomains to the according vserver?
> E.g.:
> v01.domain.org to vserver 1, v02.domain.org to vserver 2, and so on...? 
You can use one domain with apache and reverse proxy to do this:

        [Domain 0] - Apache + Reverse Proxy with public and private ip

        [Domain 1] - [Domain 2] Private ips

> Does that make sense or is it absolutely nonsense? ;)
> I read some stuff about arp bridging ... does that could help?
> An alternative might to forward ports like 2201 to 22 on vserver 1 and 2202 
> to 22 on vserver 2 .... 
> That would work, i guess, but is not a good solution.
> any suggestions?!

And for this, iptables and port natting from public to privates ips.
> regards,
> Nico Leidecker

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