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RE: [Xen-users] root access error creating a domU

> I just updated my xen-unstable machine on Aug. 11th and I see 
> the following odd error when attempting to create a guest 
> (note: this guest had just been shutdown and I was trying to 
> re-create it).  This is also the first time I've seen this:
> Another question I have is should issues / questions 
> regarding xen-unstable be presented here, or would another 
> list be more appropriate, e.g. the developer's list?  I 
> realize xen-unstable is currently a moving target and do not 
> want bog down this list with superfluous issues.

For the moment, its probably best to post stuff relating to unstable on

Expect the unstable tools to get a lot more robust over the next couple
of weeks. It's a current priority.


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