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Re: [Xen-users] XenU boot loader?

I'm wondering is there any kind of bootloader for XenU?

The unstable tree has "pygrub" which does what you want.

In the longer term, we'd like to get kexec support for domUs (there's a patch for this, out-of-tree waiting for control messages to go away) and use this to implement a bootloader (i.e. boot a "loader" kernel and get *that* to mount your filesystem and boot the proper kernel).

The current plan is to use KBoot (http://kboot.sf.net) as the domU bootloader when it becomes available. There's also a basic bootloader Anthony Liguouri posted a few months back.


Synchronising kernel bits between that which is configured for a particular guest on xen0 and the guest itself is tedious and error-prone.

It'd be handy if there was some kind of 2stage boot process so as reduce this inter-dependence.

It's particularly problematic with Linux guests, which typically use lots of modules. Misconfiguration, especially where the guest is missing the modules, can result in things like firewalling on a guest failing to start, etc.

Would it be useful to have a XenU bootloader??


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