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Re: [Xen-users] Error: errors: transfer daemon (xfrd) error: 1

On Fredag 01 juli 2005 08:40, Andreas Bach Aaen (AH/TED) wrote:

I can save a xen session, but I cannot restore it:
# xm restore mysave
Error: errors: transfer daemon (xfrd) error: 1

xfrd is running:
#ps aux|grep xfrd
root      2248  0.0  0.6   3048   828 ?        S    09:13   0:00 xfrd

but I cannot see it with netstat.
Any idea whats wrong?

> I use SUSE SLES9 + the SUSE 9.1 PRO rpms from
> http://www.suse.de/~garloff/linux/xen/
> SLES9 and suse 9.1 is branched from the same tree and freezed a few weeks
> from each other.

I have even tried to compile xen myself without any improvement.

Andreas Bach Aaen              System Developer, M. Sc. 
Ericsson Danmark A/S           tel: +45 89 38 51 00
Skanderborgvej 232             fax: +45 89 38 51 01
8260 Viby J      Denmark       andreas.bach.aaen@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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