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Re: [Xen-users] Xen boot problems

> > Oh, and your CPU0 isn't fried, it's just "toast" :-)
> Thanks.  It can be quite unnerving though, when you've had a CPU (hardware)
> fry on you once previously.  I checked the hardware was still working by
> installing Solaris 10 on another hard drive and running it for a good long
> while.  So that doesn't bother me any more.

Yeah, it happened to me back in the dark ages pre-1.0 when I booted Xen for 
the first time.  I think the panic message is now less alarming, which is 
probably good for new users but I do rather miss the old message ;-)

I'm impressed you actually have had a CPU fry, though...  I had a Slot 1 CPU 
fall out (partially) for no reason whilst I was working.  Strange... The 
framebuffer stays up, the last bit of the MP3 track kept playing from the 
buffer...  It wasn't happy on reboot, though!


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