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Mark Williamson ha scritto:

Yast should have an RPM for twisted you can just install.
Yes... it's true.... i found the bridge_utils and twisted RPM for SUSE 9.3

Ditto - should be called something like python-distutils or python-devel...
i found python_devel too

i made install from binary and not from yast option....

i modified grub configuration

and now... the XEN kernel start... :)

i had a warning about the use of TLS library
i disabled TLS moving the directory as suggest in user guide....
and now i haven't warning

-first question...
How can see if xend is up?
i tryed with the command
xend status
but i have no output
i try to do
xend start
i haven't no output too

i try to run xensv
when i launch
xensv start
i have a warning... sound like... 'you must start xend with xend start'

so xend is not up?

i try to open the browser and point to localhost:8080

i have a list of errors....
i'll try to fix that errors in this way:
i'll make a symbolic link
/var/lib # ln -s /usr/lib/python2.4/xen

i'll refresh the browser page
and now i haven't the error... the page listing a certain number of python command (it's right)

-how can controll that xend work correctly?
-my fix for xensv is right?
-another question....
the use of memoty parameter in grub configuration
kernel /boot/xen-2.0.gz dom0_mem=<memory size>
how is better to set the memory size?
(my test pc have 512Mb)

thank you for your help


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