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Re: [Xen-users] Plan9 on xen

>>The cursor hangs at the end of the "authid:" line.  Does anyone have a
>>clue as to what I should do here?

yes.  it seems it has worked to the point that the documentation for
plan 9 itself now applies.  see the section `CPU servers' in boot(8).
it is requesting the name of the host
owner for a cpu server.  the traditional one is `bootes'.  type it in.  it 
then prompt for the authentication domain, which might be
"mit.edu", then a "secstore key" (a password for
secstore(8) if you intend to use that, so make one up), and finally a password 
the machine itself, which it will use indirectly
to authenticate itself to its clients and the file server.
the system will store all that in some form on the nvram partition,
and will not usually ask you for it again.

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