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RE: [Xen-users] Guest O/S Questions

There are probably better ways... But I would probably "cheat" and do a
normal (or minimal) install of the guest OS into a partition somewhere and
then copy that partition into a file-backed VMM. Then I'd make a copy of
that file and use that to stamp out new copies as required.

No doubt there are better ways, but that's probably what I would do. :)

I happened to have a tar backup of a minimal SuSE SLES 9 install lying
around (that I had made months ago under Vmware and then scp'd out of the
virtual machine) and I just used that to make the guest. Seemed to work just

SUSE SLES 9 has the option to "install into a directory". So if that was
your Dom 0 you could use that to stamp out mew guests. I'm not sure if RHEL4
has a similar functionality. Perhaps it has a function to install a UML
guest into a directory and you could use that to populate your file system
(once you've mounted that file-backed filesystem somewhere)?
Though this wont help you to make a SUSE9 image under Red Hat or vice-versa.
Which is why I like my original idea!


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> I have just recently discovered the XEN VMM and am trying to 
> familiarize myself with it. I'm a newbe at it, so bear with me.
> I'd like to install an O/S onto a guest virtual machine. 
> Domain 0 is RHEL4 on Xen 2.0.7. My question is how I would go 
> about installing from a set of distribution CD's (say RHEL4 
> or SUSE9) into a file-backed VMM. Can anyone help me out with this?
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