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Re: [Xen-users] 2 network cards and two physical network.

Hi Jean,

Jean-Michel Caricand schrieb:

Hi all,

I have 2 network cards on my computer. I want to use :
- eth0 for xen0 host: ip
- eth1 for xenU guest: ip

guest and host are not on the same network. eth0 is configured when
I start xend (xen-br0->eth0).
I configure eth1 with :
/etc/xen/scripts/network start bridge=xen-br1 netdev=eth1

In my guest domain config, I add vif = [ 'bridge=xen-br1'], but when I start
my domain, I can't ping machines on network ifconfig
on guest show a correct config.

What is your correct config? Please provide it.

And did you verify with brctl show that eth1 is on xen-br1 and working?

What is the contents of the routing table on dom0?

Since the above config should work, any additional info would help tracking down the problem.


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