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RE: [Xen-devel] debs for 2.0.7 and unstable

I've done an install (but not yet booted) and have noted the

I don't get an initrd and it looks like almost everything is compiled
in. Any chance of doing an almost-identical-to-debian build for dom0? My
mkinitrd complains that there is no LVM, and when I look at the .config,
LVM is compiled into the kernel.



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> Subject: [Xen-devel] debs for 2.0.7 and unstable
>       For part of my Google Summer of Code work I've put togeather
> for
> xen of 2.0.7 and of unstable.  The unstable debs are built off of
> yesterdays hg tree, but I try to update them fairly regularly when new
> developments occur.  Currently I only have compiled debs for debian,
> but the source debs will work on ubuntu also, and I plan on posting
> compiled files for ubuntu tomorrow.
>       The apt repository is available at
> http://mirror.clarkson.edu/pub/dists/xenophilia/xendebs/debian
> available distributions are xen-stable, and xen-unstable.  To install
> fully working xen system, you only need to install the xen package
> which depends on all the other needed debs.
>       Please note that these are different from previous available
> but
> share many of the same naming schemes etc.  Therefore if you are
> upgrading from a system that used debs from another source, it is
> recommended that you remove all old packages, and use the --purge
> option to apt-get in order to clear out any debconf templates.
>       Differences in these packages from those previously available
> primarily apparent in the distribution of kernels.  These packages do
> not distribute a kernel patch (yet) but instead distribute pre-build
> kernel packages that include debconf scripts to configure the needed
> grub entries.  More information on this system can be found in the man
> pages for update-grub-xen that are included, and the file
> /etc/xenkernels.conf.
>       The init scripts are not run by default, but are just installed
> /etc/init.d  In order to use xm etc, you must start xend manually, or
> use the update-rc.d script.
>       If there is interest, these packages could be easy build for
> as long as someone was willing to do the testing, as i do not have a
> system available.
> Enjoy,
>       Edward Despard
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