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Re: [Xen-users] RE: [Xen-devel] debs for 2.0.7 and unstable

Hi all,

I've noted that mails in xen users list suggest compiling lvm
et al into the kernel for Debian, rather than using the Debian
method of compiling (almost) everything as a module.
This plays havoc with various Debian mechanisms like mkinitrd,
and IMHO makes life harder than it should be.

FYI modules DO work ... eg. with Xen Debian on LVM + RAID, which
should allow normal Debian mkinitrd operation.
My setup works perfectly with Debian Sarge as dom0 with
/boot/grub/menu.lst including something like
        title           Xen 2.0.7 Debian GNU/Linux, kernel
        root            (hd0,0)
        kernel          /xen-2.0.7.gz root=/dev/ram0 ro dom0_mem=131072
        module          /vmlinuz- root=/dev/vg0/root ro 
        module          /initrd.img-
I've made my initrd manually using standard methods:
        mkinitrd -o /boot/initrd.img-
For sanity, I've also made sure these changes are applied first:
        Edit lvm.conf for filter:
                filter = [ "a|/dev/md*|", "r/.*/" ]
        #this needs to be cleaned up to avoid md/xxx errors in dmesg
  and then run
        # vgscan must be executed before mkinitrd

If your install scripts are already calculating grub's menu correctly
it should be a simple matter to modularise in the Debian way, and
use mkinitrd as intended.



James Harper wrote:
> I've done an install (but not yet booted) and have noted the
> following...
> I don't get an initrd and it looks like almost everything is compiled
> in. Any chance of doing an almost-identical-to-debian build for dom0? My
> mkinitrd complains that there is no LVM, and when I look at the .config,
> LVM is compiled into the kernel.
> Thanks
> James
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>>Subject: [Xen-devel] debs for 2.0.7 and unstable
>>      For part of my Google Summer of Code work I've put togeather
> debs
>>xen of 2.0.7 and of unstable.  The unstable debs are built off of
>>yesterdays hg tree, but I try to update them fairly regularly when new
>>developments occur.  Currently I only have compiled debs for debian,
>>but the source debs will work on ubuntu also, and I plan on posting
>>compiled files for ubuntu tomorrow.
>>      The apt repository is available at
>>available distributions are xen-stable, and xen-unstable.  To install
> a
>>fully working xen system, you only need to install the xen package
>>which depends on all the other needed debs.
>>      Please note that these are different from previous available
> debs,
>>share many of the same naming schemes etc.  Therefore if you are
>>upgrading from a system that used debs from another source, it is
>>recommended that you remove all old packages, and use the --purge
>>option to apt-get in order to clear out any debconf templates.
>>      Differences in these packages from those previously available
> are
>>primarily apparent in the distribution of kernels.  These packages do
>>not distribute a kernel patch (yet) but instead distribute pre-build
>>kernel packages that include debconf scripts to configure the needed
>>grub entries.  More information on this system can be found in the man
>>pages for update-grub-xen that are included, and the file
>>      The init scripts are not run by default, but are just installed
> in
>>/etc/init.d  In order to use xm etc, you must start xend manually, or
>>use the update-rc.d script.
>>      If there is interest, these packages could be easy build for
> x86_64,
>>as long as someone was willing to do the testing, as i do not have a
>>system available.
>>      Edward Despard

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