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[Xen-users] Migration Issues

Thanks to all who gave me tips & suggestions for installing a CD distro into XEN. Now, I have another problem:-).

(This question might have already been addressed, so if there is a thread that I need to go look at, just point me in that direction. My attempts to search for something like this turned up nothing...)

Since I'm fairly new to XEN, I was using ttylinux (mentioned in the XEN manual) to get my feet wet with the whole XEN system. I decided to try to migrate the ttylinux domain from one machine to another. ttylinux is a file-backed VM (don't know if this is a problem). Here's what I do...I create the ttylinux domain on my first machine like so:
xm create ttylinux-xen.conf -c

As soon as the system is booted, I exit the console and then list my domains just to make sure:
# xm list
Domain-0 0 187 0 r---- 784.1
ttylinux 4 32 0 -b--- 0.8 9604

(sorry, the formatting is a little messed up). Then, I attempt to migrate the domain:
# xm migrate -l ttylinux machine2.seakr.com
Error: Error: [Failure instance: Traceback: <type 'int'>, 1

Now when I do xm list, the only domain present is Domain-0 (on both machines). I made sure to change the xend configuration file to listen on my ethernet cards in addition to localhost. Am I doing something incorrectly here? Also, it doesn't seem to matter whether I try live migration (as in my example above) or a standard migration, the errors is the same.

Thanks in advance,

Nick Couchman
Systems Integrator
SEAKR Engineering, Inc.
6221 South Racine Circle
Centennial, CO 80111
Main: (303) 790-8499
Fax: (303) 790-8720
Web: http://www.seakr.com

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