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[Xen-users] DomU hang on RHEL AS4

Has anyone had any success running a DomU on RHEL 4.
I can boot into dom0 ok but when I attempt:
xm create -c xxxx where xxxx is my image.
It displays one line: Using kernel blah blah blah and then hangs the whole 
I have seen 2 other postings with the same issue.
I have been through a full recompile of xen from source. 
I have tried using different kernels and different image files (including the 
TTYLinux one) in the domU config file but no go. Have also removed the initrd 
file from the domu config file and all other references in there, no difference.
My server is a Dell SC420 with SATA drives and 1Gb of memory.
I haven't had any other probs apart from video issues with FC4.
Any help would be appreciated.

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