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[Xen-users] dom0 bootup -- Device eth0 has differet mac address than expected

CentOS 4.1, Xen 2.0.7. My dom0 is booting up but can't get to the outside 
network because eth0 won't start due to, apparently, Xen providing a different 
mac address than expected. How do I tell Xen to start eth0 at the bootup with a 
specific mac address that lines up with the HWADDR= line in my ifcfg-eth0? Note 
that a normal bootup into CentOS 4.1 outside of the Grub Xen bootup works fine 
since it's sensing the mac address of the NIC in the machine rather than what I 
suspect is a virtualized mac address that Xen provides upon a Xen bootup. I've 
tried removing the HWADDR= lline in ifcfg-eth0 but that just makes the 
complaint different and eth0 won't startup at all inside or outside of Xen. Is 
there someplace in the vif-bridge script to hardcode this required mac address 
to line it up with the ifcfg-eth0 HWADDR= mac address or is the place to 
hardcode a fixed mac address for dom0 located somplace else?

Thanks for your help.


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