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Re: [Xen-users] dom0 bootup -- Device eth0 has differet mac address than expected

datto@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

CentOS 4.1, Xen 2.0.7. My dom0 is booting up but can't get to the outside 
network because eth0 won't start due to, apparently, Xen providing a different 
mac address than expected. How do I tell Xen to start eth0 at the bootup with a 
specific mac address that lines up with the HWADDR= line in my ifcfg-eth0? Note 
that a normal bootup into CentOS 4.1 outside of the Grub Xen bootup works fine 
since it's sensing the mac address of the NIC in the machine rather than what I 
suspect is a virtualized mac address that Xen provides upon a Xen bootup. I've 
tried removing the HWADDR= lline in ifcfg-eth0 but that just makes the 
complaint different and eth0 won't startup at all inside or outside of Xen. Is 
there someplace in the vif-bridge script to hardcode this required mac address 
to line it up with the ifcfg-eth0 HWADDR= mac address or is the place to 
hardcode a fixed mac address for dom0 located somplace else?

On your dom-U config file, add something like
vif = ['mac=AA:00:4D:AB:4B:4D,bridge=xen-br0']

Run "xm help create" for details.



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