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Re: [Xen-users] Guest OS crash!

yang jianguo wrote:

> The ERROR:do_evtchn_op:HYPERVISOR_event_channel_op failed:-1still can
> not soluted.
> I type xend start 2 times,and can run a guest os "FreeDOS",The problem
> is after about 1 minutes the FreeDOS stopped, i can not input through
> kerborad. But ctrl+alt+2 is available.

Are you trying to boot freedos directly?

If so, that's not going to work (unless you have VT hardware--which you
would know if you did). Xen does para-virtualization which means that
the guest operating system must be modified to run under Xen.

You should have good luck with using something like qemu within a
para-virtualized guest if you want to run FreeDOS though.


Anthony Liguori

> If destroy the guestOS, the domain0 stopped just like guestOS, I must
> reset the machine and rebuild xen,otherwise the sys will became too
> slow..
> What should i do?
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