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Re: [Xen-users] dom0 bootup -- Device eth0 has differet mac address than expecte

>> I think he's having problems with Dom0 changing 
>> Mac address, rather than the domU (is that right?)

Yes, you are correct. It's dom0 that seems to be getting a random MAC and 
because of that Xen can't t find the NIC and won't load eth0 because the MAC is 
different than what is expected. I've seen others with the same problem and 
their (different) fixes haven't worked for me.

>> Does the original machine have more than one 
>> ethernet device?  Perhaps Linux is enumerating the 
>> cards in a different order when running under Xen so
>> you're not using the card you think you are?

It's a single NIC in the machine. Dell 2400. NIC on the motherboard.

Ah well, I've decided to forego CentOS 4.1 for now and reload the box with 
Fedora Core 4 since the Xen directions seem to be a bit better for Xen on FC4 
than for Xen on CentOS 4.1/RHEL 4x. Hopefully that will make the world a 
beautiful thing and allow me to actually see Xen working.

Thanks for the help.


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